We live in an era where women are as much upfront as men, and why not, it is not just men who have their fantasies. So, don’t get surprised if your woman tells you one of her weird fantasies, in fact be prepared beforehand to amaze her with one without her asking for it. Goth porn is one source where you can explore so many options to please your woman. They are wild and rough and can be really intense for some woman. But make sure to see that your girlfriend/wife is comfortable with it.

Denial-You can deny her the climax before giving a mind-blowing one. But don’t go overboard that she gets frustrated with it. Tease her with your hands or other body parts or toys and stop right before she is about to finish; start again and stop. Repeat the process 2-3 times and then give her an amazing climax.

Submission-Some women like to dominate. If your partner is not among them, you can try this and see an entirely different side of them. You might even be amazed by the control they will have on you. Ask your girlfriend/wife to initiate the whole act and control you. This can also be tried the other way around.

Massages-Gothic might be very wild but it is still sensuous. So, you can try giving naked massages to your woman; this will just enhance the whole experience and you might end up having a very passionate and calming sexual interaction thereafter.

Be rough- Your woman might be a gentle lady, but she might love to have a wild and rough experience from you. But take her consent before trying anything like this. You can try blindfolding and tying her up and then teasing her with a vibrator. You can physically connect to her when she is about to climax.